Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG! I'm on a list on Amazon...and not one about crappy books, either!

OK, My publisher just forwarded this to me and I about fell out of my chair. The anthology that my new release is in has made one of the lists in Amazon.

Look - See, here it is! That is unbelievable.

I know things change on Amazon all the time, but still, I'm majorly excited! I'm going to pop over there and see if I can figure out what list this is. (I hope it's not the crappy book list after all! :) )


Just Released: New Odyssey of Nakhla Novellea in Urban Moon.

The next book in the Odyssey of Nakhla series has just been released. It's a novella - Dmitri Razin's story, and is in Urban Moon, an anthology just released by Bonaparte Press.

Dmitri Razin is just your everyday computer hacker, until he meets Thea Duffy, then things start getting strange.

I'm really excited about this story, and the next, The Interlude, which follows Yuri and Sergei Razin.

Urban Moon also has three other great stories from JM Madden, Ava Chandler and Rina Josephe.